High-precision finishing

Robotic systems for the trimming of composites, plastic material and carbon, especially thought for the aerospace and automotive industry.

Our solutions allow to automate all trimming operations on products created by means of a mould.

Generally, trimming is a process requiring high precision. Our systems, thanks to the 7 axes, grant high accuracy even for those

Offline programming

Being able to program the robot offline is a plus especially for those pieces with a very complex shape. Programming the working strategy starting from a 3D model grants a much higher precision and greater adherence to the actual profile of the casting


In case the deformation among the pieces is extremely high, it could be possible to adopt the adaptive algorithm to better work on the piece.


High repeatability

The robot allows to achieve higher levels of repeatability

High precision

Programming the working strategy on a 3D model allows to achieve higher precision than programming in teaching-m


Having six or seven axes, the robotic system grants for a wider choice range in terms of working strategies