The PD150 is a diamond wire cutting machine that meets all safety features for the operator and has been designed with the most advanced diamond controls and diamond cutting technologies. The PD 1500 machine is the only diamond wire saw transportable to have protected the diamond wire circuit, it is practically a mobile monowire similar to those traditionally fixed to the ground. The PD 1500 has a hinged arch structure in a lateral pin that raises the machine from one side to the vertical wire. The PD 1500 can be easily transported with the forks of wheel loader or by a lifter with the appropriate couplings. The biggest advantage of the PD 1500 is that once it is placed on the ground and placed one or more blocks in front of the rail you can cut up to 3.4 mt. Distance and parallel cuts up to 3 mt and, with the possibility of adding rails, we can make continuous cuts; The runner under the floor allows rotating the PD 1500 of 360 ° so that we cut it from one side while positioning other blocks to be cut from the other side
All these cutting operations can be made by allowing the operator to stay away from the cutting area and by eliminating the wire passage under the block (here the diamond wire starts from above the block); The creation of a carving in the block is also avoided so as not to slip the wire at start-up and the continuous displacement of the water delivery point (not to be stay close to the block), since the lubrication system covers the perimeter of the cut.
The PD 1500 has a belt drive motor drive that is also used as a clutch in case of excessive effort as a last resort. The machine is also equipped with a thermal relay that intervenes in case of overload of the motor and before we have two electronic controls: the first establishes a maximum current that can be set during the cutting phase and a second control through a load cell It also sets the maximum effort to impress on the diamond wire.
The PD 1500 uses a closed-loop diamond wire length of 16,80 mt. With a breaking load of 1800 kg. (The load cell is calibrated to about 200 kg to safely return to the parameters imposed by European regulations).
The PD 1500 uses two electric motors: one 30 hp driven by inverter (for diamond wire running regulation and diamond speed adjustment) and another 2 hp engine that drives a hydraulic pump for machine movements. All positioning controls before cutting, the cutting phase and controlling are done by remote control panel fro reaching the safety distances. Extremely interesting chapter, the safety distance: since the entire diamond wire circuit is protected by the structure itself, it is sufficient to observe a distance of 3 meters per side (in fact, the maximum height of the block to be cut is 2.2 mt; staying at 3 mt you avoid crushing dangers from pieces of the cut block), in the back the problem is eliminated from the closed structure of the machine, which avoids the possible projection of diamond wire elements.