This is used to weld thermoplastic material components having round or cylindrical shape only. In spin welders, the rotary movement is generated by means of specially controlled motor and with spindle which has the shape of the part to be welded

The Parts to be welded are accommodated inside specially shaped tools name as spindle holder ( or components holder) and fixtures. Due to high frictional heat once the material melting temperature is reached, the circular movement stop with microprocessor used for the control and management of the welding cycle.

Type of ultrasonic plastic welding Machine

  • Type of ultrasonic plastic welding Machine
  • Standard column base machine
  • Hand Held or hand Gun
  • Special Purpose Machine
  • Food Cutter
  • Tire Cutter
  • Fabric Cutter
  • Rubber Cutter
  • Robotic Welding Machine

And many more as require by customers