New conception machines, studied and manufactured for achieving high
performances and production.
A careful project, years of tests on the field and avanced technology are the basis of its high quality and reliability.
Thanking to their unic features, the Series 800 machines are considered as a landmark in their field.
The electronic feed control system, which guarantees costant and uniform motion, has been studied to increase diamond wire’s efficency.
A central rack, maintenance free, is positioned on the rail: this system allows to avoid mud deposit and slip risk.
The special feed system, gears on steel cylinders, permits a correct positioning of the machine even on sleep slopes.
The aluminium flywheel, directly connected with the motor to minimize the power leacks, can rotate on 360° to make any kind of inclinated cuts. The lateral translation, 30 cm per side, is performed by means an hydraulic device, for a speedy and precide motion.
The same system allows to make two vertical cuts at a max distance of 160 cm, without moving the machine.
The horizontal cut can be made without leaving any steps.
Motor power : 40-50-60-75 hp