The Serie 600 EG, machine studied for special purpose, is the smallest diamond wire present on the market.

Fit for granite and hard stone blocks squaring, it is the result of a specific study in the order to perform speed and rational cuts.

Thanking to its small dimension and light weight, is an economic functional and versatile alternative to the stationary squaring plant.

It is specially fir for blockyards and quarry sites.
The feeding movement, on central rack rails, is constantly controlled by means on electronic device of self-regulation, in order to ensure a uniform tension on the wire.

The flywheel is directly connected with the main motor and can rotate on 360°.
The Series 600 EG for granite is supplied with the same electronic speed control system EASYDRIVE, installed on the Series 800 EG machines.
Main motor : 20-25hp
Wire speede : 0-30 mt/sec