Diamond wire saw machine mod. S 900 T is the highest point of technology and efficiency for diamond wire cutting present on the market, for cutting every kind of stones, granites and marbles; some details and technical devices allow to be absolutely unique in its field, unrivaled in terms of performances.
Wire saw machine mod. S 900 T can be equipped with main electric motor 60 HP ( 45 KW ), 75 HP ( 55 KW ) o 100 HP ( 75 KW ); all these motors are directly flanged to main flywheel without any belts, clutches or another devices in order to use all the full power.
The main flywheel is 900 mm diameter for allowing to increase the torque transmitted to the wire as to main flywheel 1000 mm diameter and, at the same time, for allowing to obtain a higher contact surface of the wire/main flywheel as to main flywheel 800 mm diameter; the rotation of the flywheel is 360 ° driven by a hydraulic fifth wheel; the lateral movements are hydraulic too and it’s possible to have cut for 80 to 180 cm without moving the machine.
Innovative system is the use of two inverters controlled by PLC (able to make control 120 times per second in order to adapt to all the variables in the cutting phase) : one is for wire speed regulation and the secondo ne is for feedback control; wire speed control inverter allows a adjastment from 0 to 45 mt/sec; this operation can be done either during manual or automatic cutting phase by a incremental button, the second inverter for feed back control allows an uniform movement and a constant pressure on diamond wire.
Wire saw mod. S 900 T is the only diamond wire machine equipped by cardan (or universal) joints for feedback transmission; this system (patented by Dazzini) allows not break gear or motion devices (i.e. in accidental operations as rails’ fall or machine’s positioning), because all traction system is inside the machine.
The rail with double track is studied for being stronger and more resistant to every quarry conditions; rail tightening screw allows a perfect alignment .
Safety was placed at the center of S 900 T project; the machine is equipped by accessories and devices for prevention of accidents or malfunctions and it places this wire saw at the top of its field.
Diamond wire breaking sensor, Rubber breaking sensor inside main flywheel, end-run sensor on the rail, waterless sensor during cutting are just some devices for the suitable use during cutting phases.
Systems for checking overloads or high temperatures complete the series of protective devices of the machine together with a GSM communication system that can be installed for always having monitored cutting phase and eventual problems in every moment on your mobile phone; not least it’s possible to have a “generator switch off” device in case of shutdown of the machine.
Operator safety and prevention of accidents is permitted by a hydraulic strip (made in Kevlar and Teflon) put on a hydraulic arm; this strip can cover all the diamond wire course and, in case of breaks, it avoids diamond wire components’ projections. Another lateral shield protects the main flywheel.
Acoustic signal for cut-star and flashlight on the wire saw machine permit the right acoustic-visual alerts for indicating all cutting phases to all operatos.
Unique feature of the diamond wire cutting machine Mod. S 900 T is the driving system by radio-remote control; thanks to this remote control S 900 T can eliminate all extension cable between the machine and the control panel and all length limits of it; at the same time, the radio-remote control always ensures the right and safe position for the operator under any circumstances. All functions of the machine (cutting, regulation, positioning)can be controlled at a distance.