Special electronic machine of new conception, studied and manufactured for getting the best performances in granite and marble excavation. A careful project, years of tests on the field and advanced technology are the basis of its high quality and reliability. Thanking to the unique features of safety and productivity, the DAZZINI S800T is considered as a landmark in the quarry field. Its main feature is the possibility of varying the diamond wire speed by means a special electronic device, DAZZINI patented, the “Easydrive” system. Machine rails length 6 meters is based on tracks; the rail can have a rotation of 360° thanks by a thrust bearing below. The movement of the tracks is controlled by remote control and a singular electric motor is dedicated for the movements. Nr.08 hydraulic pistons will allow to fix the machine in every conditions.Technical features: Main electric motor, 40-50-60-75HP, 60 Hz., 440 V. Wire speed adjustable from 0 up to 45 Mt./sec, without stopping the machine. Working speed shown by means a digital display.. Automatic advancing unit by direct current motor controlled by electronic device for maximum efficiency and wire durability. Aluminum wheel, Ø. 800 mm. flanged directly on the main motor. Provided with a hydraulic plant for axial translation. Total weight : 2100 kg

Series equipment:
Nr. 01 Remote control for wire saw
Nr. 01 Protection for diamond wire.
Nr. 01 Column
Nr. 02 Driving hand wheels, Ø 320 mm.
Nr. 06 Hydraulic pistons for levelling rail
Nr. 02 hydraulic pistons for opening/closing rails
Nr. 01 Remote control for hydraulic movements
Nr. 01 Fifth wheel for 360° rotation of the rail