Diamond wire machines for marble

Series 1000 – Diamond wire cutting machine

Wirecutter of last generation, it can be considered as a landmark in its field. It can be used on all the types of marble, granite and stone, with top performance and life of the diamond wire, at maximum cutting speed. The whole controls are fully automatic and don’t require the constant presence of the operator.Technical features:
Diamond wire running system by electric motor
The electronic system of feed control is extremely accurate and complete, thanking to the combined action of two motors:
• 2 HP motor for the quick positioning of the machine on the rail.
• 0.5 Hp motor with automatic reduction gear for fine regulations.
The feeding on the rail is performed on a double central self-cleaning rack with double gear wheel. This system allows the machine to work even in slope position, preventing the risk of sliding. The ” S 1000″ is featured by a special “electro-hydraulic” system for flywheel positioning. The rotation and a lateral movement of 40 cm per side are hydraulic, with solenoid valve control. A further lateral movement is possible by electric motor and endless screw. This system allows to perform ground level cuts and two parallel cuts, maximum width 2.0 mt. without moving the machine.
Special feature:
The machine is provided with special blower heating system for flywheel, to reduce icing during winter work.
Technical details:
Main motor power 50-60-75-100Hp
Feed motors power 2 Hp fast – 0.5 slow
Flywheel Ø 1000 mm
Wire speed : 40 Mt / Sec.
Width of cuts 0 – 2,0 Mt
Total weight 1800 Kg.