Polishing systems for metals, stone and wood.

Robotic polishing depends mainly on the application of a constant pressure on the piece by means of the tool.

Our systems allow the polishing of flat or geometrical surfaces by means of a force-actuated system calibrated on three parameters:

  • Tool abrasiveness
  • Spindle speed
  • Pressure on the surface

Offline programming

The possibility of programming offline starting from a 3D model represents a huge advantage by granting higher precision and a certain time-saving.



With a single robotic system, you can perform not only polishing but several other operations, thus achieving flexibitly and greter efficiency.

High precision

Off-line programming starting from a 3D model allows to polish a surface with higher precision and accuracy

Higher adherence to the piece

By using a constant pressure on the piece, it is possible to achieve a greater adherence to the surface that needs to be polished