Automation at its highest level

Our robots can be effectively used for part-feeding of machine tools, thus increasing the level of automation of the whole production line.

We can project and deliver complete systems with cooperating robots, each in charge of a different phase of the production process.

Bin picking

Our plants can be equipped with a vision system for piece recognition. By means of the vision system, the robot is able to recognize the position of the piece and to subsequently handle it properly. Therefore, there is no need for the operator to place the piece in a determined order or positioned, thus simplifying the piece gripping from any box or recipient.


Process check

The robot always needs the same time to perform a specific operation. Having a robot to feed the production line allows to have real-time feedback on times and operation modes

Integrated quality check

Through measuring and/or vision systems, it is possible to perform quality checks during the working process

Higher efficiency

Automating the production flow allows to have an increase in efficiency and productivity