Available Models – The New Range of Multi Wire Premium With Innovative 4.3 mm Diameter Diamond Wire :

QTEQ PREMIA   multi-wires have been designed to be customized and therefore can meet any different customer’s requirements.
For this reason PREMIA   multi-wires are composed of a number of “modular elements” which can be assembled for each required number of diamond wires, for the preferred diamond wire diameter and for the different cutting areas requested, with rigid structures based on two or four columns, depending the dimension of the machines.
PREMIA   multi-wires are also designed to cut with any different diamond diameters today available in the market, so customers who prefer a specific diamond wire diameter, may purchase the PREMIA   multiwire model optimized to cut with their selected wire.
The base models of PREMIA   multi-wires are equipped with 18, 36, 54 and 72 wires,
but they can be customized, also with an higher number of diamond wires, as the mechanical construction of PREMIA   such as the main four columns structure of the machine’s portal, has been designed to be highly rigid and stable.Exceptionally stable construction designed on FOUR SUPPORTING COLUMNS enables to produce upon request PREMIA   multiwire machine provided with over 72 wires.