Robotic systems for piece handling

Our systems allow to automate pick&place and palletizing operations.

The automation of loading, offloading and handling operations makes the production line lean and efficient.

The flexibility and versatility of our robotic systems are key to the handling of a wide range of different objects.

By equipping the robot arm with a designated flange, the robot can automatically perform the gripper change and thus use from time to time the right gripper for each piece.

Custom-made grippers

Robots are equipped with grippers designed and developed internally by our team of mechanical designers. This grants great flexibility in seizing pieces of various dimensions, weight and shape and allows us to deliver solutions truly fitting your needs and requirements



The robot wrist can carry different grippers, specifically designes to lift and manipulate different pieces


The automation of loading and off-loading operations allows an increase in the overall efficiency of the production line

Full automation

A robotic handling system offers the chance for a full automation of the production line