Robotic systems to grind and deburr castings of different materials and dimensions.

Each casting comes out of the mould with burrs and sprues that are always different and need to be machined to offer a top-quality product. Our robotic systems serve this exact purpose.

Experience and know-how have lead us to the development and optimization of solutions for the processing of burrs and surface flaws.

From light to hard metals, from plastic to composite materials, each object created by means of a mould can be worked.

We can supply systems piece-on-board and tool-on-board, depending on piece’s dimensions and weight, on material and workflow. We can deliver customized solutions for grinding and deburring purposes, featuring all or some of the specific solutions we have developed through the years.

Adaptive technology

Through the years we have developed hardware and software solutions to compensate casting deformations

The adaptive algorithm is accountable for the correction of the toolpath generated by the CAM to fit to the actual geometry of the casting.

At a hardware level, we have developed the concept of the actuated spindle. The use of the force actuator allow the processing of those spots where measuring and subsequent use of the algorithm won’t be possible.

Robot as CMM

The robot can be used as a CMM unit. The measuring system allow dimensional and tolerance checks on the pieces. This preliminary check permits a pre-selection of all pieces not respondent to the fixed dimensional parameters.


Shorter cycletime

Cycletimes are shorter than those for manual operations

Small series

Offline programming is much more rapid, thus allowing an effective small-series-production

Adherence to the actual casting geometry

The adaptive algortihm allows to compensate possible deformations originated during casting production process