The electric driller mod. SPEED 56 is suggested for marble and stones in order to make lead-holes for diamond wire. SPEED 56 can execute horizontal and vertical holes for one length of beyond 40 meters with a diameter of 56 or 66 mm with extreme precision, thanks to the double chromium plated cylindrical guide.
This driller uses a drilling beads composed by PCD inserts (particular material able to drill very hard stones without sharpenings for all the duration of their lifes). For example, with drilling beads diam.56 mm on the Carrara white marble, it is possible to drill with a speed of 1 meter per minute.
SPEED 56 has electrical motoreductor for the rotation with three speeds, changing by a mechanical device and, for feeding, a hydraulic cylinder with variable speed leads by a valve. The Speed 56 weight is less than 70 kg. in order to allow to manually transport, even in not accessible zones; this driller has also the possibility to be disassembled quickly. SPEED 56 uses particular conical thread drilling rods, length 1.00 mt. Technical specification:
Rotation motor 8 hp
Hydraulic power unit motor 1 hp
Holes diam. 56/66 mm
Drilling rods diam. 50 mm
Drilling rods lenght 1 mt.
Rotation speed 120/240/360 rpm
Useful run 1,2 mt
Water 8 l/min
Driller weight 65 kg
Total weight (accessories included) 200 kg
Dimensions 196x40x45 cm