Robotic cutting solutions for stone, metal and polystyrene.

Equipped with the right end-effector, our systems can be effectively used for cutting operations for both roughing and creation purposes.

Cutting for roughing purposes allow to quickly remove great portions from a block of material, thus shortening production times largely.

Disc, hot-wire cut, diamond cut and waterjet are just some of the accessories to be mounted on the robot wrist to perform cutting operations on different materials.

Abstract shapes

Selecting the right end effector based on the material to be cut, our robotic systems allow to create abstract and geometric shapes starting from slabs of different materials and having different thickness


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Equipped with the right end-effector, the robot can easily perform roughing operations on blocks of polystyrene, wood, marble, etc. and thus granting a great decrease in working times.


Our robotic systems are multifunctional and if properly equipped they carry out different operations

3D cuts

Unlike traditional CNC machines, robots allow to cut not only two-dimensionally, but also three-dimensionally