QST3000D chain saw machine on backhoe CAT432f2/444f2 is the last frontier for squaring blocks of marble and stones. QST3000D technology is driven by the very powerful motor of CAT432f2/444f2 and the hydraulic circuit for moving the chain saw was studied together with Caterpillar technicians and our technical staff.The advantages of this technology are a lot o : i.e. you can work day and night and in every weather conditions because the operator inside the cabin can decide the temperatures; you can work without using water ,etc…
QST3000D works with CAT432f2/444f2 for positioning the blade using the control tools inside the cabin and you can modify the inclination using the stabilizers of backhoe; it’s also possible to drive the chain saw trough a remote control outside the cabin.

All movements for positioning the blade are on double chromate columns allows to have stability and stiffness; this system is unique and only Dazzini QST3000D use it; all movements are driven by single or double hydraulic cylinders (high reliability, simple and no maintenance costs).

At the end of the cuts, with CAT432f2/444f2 is possible to remove the cuts’ dust with only one operator with high safety and speed. CAT432f2/444f2 is 4×4 engine and it can move very easily between quarry’s benches for reaching the blocks and starting to square, avoiding to use any other machines.
QST3000D can use different chain, widiaholders and tools for giving the best cutting solutions for every kind of stones.

Technical specification:
• Base : CAT432f2/444f2
• Useful cut : 3.40-4.0 mt
• Thickness : 26-38 mm
• Chain speed : 0-1.5 mt/sec adjustable
• Maximun high : 4.0 mt
• Total lateral movements : 2.50 mt
• Maximun cutting speed : 1 mt/min
• Cutting tool : PCD or widia
• Lubrifications by automatic pump with biodegradable grease
• NO use of Electric supply remote control