Cartridge Type Dust Coll


Filteron offers Cartridge type Fumes Extractors / Dust collectors which provide effective solutions for range of common air pollution problems in manufacturing industries. This is fully customized range where the equipment is built as per actual requirement of the application & site requirement. Systems from 1000 CMH right up to 60,000 CMH air flow capacities available with various combinations of filter media, filtration area, static pressures, hopper arrangements etc. Working – Dusty Air is sucked through the cartridge filters. The dust layer builds on the outer surface of the filters. After preset time, compressed air jet is blown through the cartridge in reverse direction. Because of this, the dust built on the surface of filter falls down and gets collected in dust bin. The dust bin needs to be cleared periodically. Features & Advantages – • Fine dust filtration possible – We use German cartridges having 99%+ filtration efficiency down to 0.5 micron particles • Thus outlet air is clean, filtered and safe to be discharged within the working premises. • Automatic cleaning – No periodic maintenance needed • Only periodic cleaning of dust collection tray needed. • Cartridge life – @18-24 months depending up on applications. • Pressure gauge provided – shows condition of cartridge filters. • Different sizes and configurations available as per application needs. Applications – 1. Grinding dust collection 2. Plasma Cutting Fumes Extraction 3. Laser Cutting Fumes Extraction 4. Welding Fumes Extraction 5. Metal – melting Furnace Fumes Extraction 6. Saw dust collection in wood working industry