The multi PREMIA of QTEQ , are designed to be customized, so it can meet the needs of any customer.

For this reason PREMIA is made up of a number of “ modular elements ” that can be assembled according to the number of wires required, the preferred diamond wire diameter and the different cutting areas required.

The PREMIA multiwire machines are also designed to be able to cut with all the different diameters of diamond wire available on the market today, consequently customers who prefer to use a specific wire diameter can purchase the PREMIA model optimized to cut with the chosen wire diameter.

The four basic PREMIA models are equipped with 18, 36, 54, 72 wires , but models with a higher number of diamond wires can also be supplied, as the mechanical construction of PREMIA designed with four main support columns, make the same highly rigid and stable.

The construction feature that makes PREMIA extremely stable as it is conceived on four support columns, allows the production of multi-wire on request even with a number greater than 72 wires .