Stone, wood, polystyrene and much more. Our robots assist you in every phase of the milling process.

Your idea is the starting point.

A streamlined and automated workflow to maximize your productivity.

1. Draw a 3D model with a CAD software or scan existing models, edit and scale them as you need.
2. By means of a CAM software generate a toolpath for each step of the process
3. Simulate and post-process the CAM output using our proprietary software ROBOmove.
4. Import the kinematic simulation into QD’s robot interface QD CNC to start the milling process.

One robot, endless possibilities

Our robotic systems can be used for sculpture, carving of bas-reliefs, construction of design objects, building and restoration of architectural components, building of signage elements and scenographic elements.

High precision finishing

Our robots assist you in every phase of the modelling: from roughing to finishing. Equipped with the right tool, the robot can reach high levels of precision and accuracy even in the latest steps.



Our systems and interfaces are user-friendly and therefore allow a time saving in terms of programming and milling

Offline programming

Off-line programming makes mass production rapid and efficient

Minimal amount of space

In comparison to a traditional CNC machining centre, a robotic millling system allows to work on big block taking up a relatively small surface