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We deliver
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STI doesn’t finish with consulting the customer before the order has been placed, it moves through


We provide design, manufacturing, marketing, equipment & after sales services.

Our purpose is to deliver excellence in production, service and their in execution.

Project based strategy of all focus areas to produce quality and reach your business target.
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We listen and work together to create a truly unique experience

1. What we do

We provide high tech,innovative , standerd customised cost effective industrial equipments, machineries and tools like Automation, Steel, Stone, Cosmetic, Casting, Fabrication, Electronics, Electricals, Aeronautics, Defence, Railways, Surface finishing, Pharmaceuticals and many more

2. What we believe

Technology has a power to make revolution in our vision, our life and our journey

3. Awards and recognition

Customers satisfection is our award & recogintion

Our team Uses technology to customize your requirement

Customer satisfaction






We create innovative solutions that work pragmatically for your whole organization.

Featured clients success stories

We supply Geyser Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine to M/s. Venus Home appliances Pvt. Ltd.
Yash Herbal International Pvt. Ltd. There we supplied Tube Filling & Ultrasonic Sealing Machine

Yash Herbal International Pvt. Ltd


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Marketing Manager